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Acoustic Consulting

Environmental Noise Control

Environmental noise control addresses noise and vibration concerns. A Soundblock Acoustic Consultant performs tests and calculations to determine the impact of a noise source on the environment and recommend options to mitigate the noise.

The mitigation of noise may be addressed at either the source of the noise or at the receiver. Examples of common environmental noise sources that may require a Soundblock Acoustic Consultant are traffic noise from:

  • cars, aeroplanes and trains
  • noise from industrial and entertainment facilities
  • office & general noise complaints that disturb our day-to-day living.

The Soundblock Acoustic Consultant's services include Noise level testing, Noise Impact Studies, Site Analysis, Noise Barrier Specifications and Construction Specifications.

Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control specializes in dealing with noise and vibrations generated by industrial equipment and machines, and how to control this noise in order to protect industrial workers.

A Soundblock Acoustic Consultant can determine the level of noise exposure and the impact it could have on hearing conservation through testing methods and calculations.

A Soundblock Acoustic Consultant can advise in the selection and/or installation of new equipment or can offer suggestions as to how to mitigate existing noise or reduce noise exposure.

Common industrial noise control options include equipment specifications enclosures and isolation methods.

For complex noise problems, Soundblock Solutions use professional qualified acoustic consultants who are members of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

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Acoustic Consulting

Acoustic Consulting