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Soundproofing Products

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the process of developing acoustic treatments to suppress, reflect, diffuse or absorb sound waves either at the source using products such as baffling or insulation on automotive engines, pipes/ducting or machinery rooms, or at the destination using technologies such as double glazed windows and insulation to reduce unwanted external noise from road traffic, airports and other rooms within offices, apartments and other residential dwellings. For more information please refer to our Soundproofing Technologies and Techniques page.

Soundblock Solutions have a wide range of products to suite all your sound-proofing needs:

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windowSoundblock are the experts in noise reduction and the installation of secondary retrofit double glazed window solutions in residential and commercial applications. The retrofit process involves combining the existing window with an additional secondary window which reduces noise and improves thermal insulation.

Our high quality soundproof double glazed windows are suitable for all applications and can offer a perceived noise reduction of up to 70%. The thermal insulation provided by our retrofitted double glazes windows will also help to save you money by keeping your home or office cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Sound proof french doorOur door products reduce perceived noise transmission by up to 70%, while providing added thermal control to save you money. Our products are designed to reduce noise transmission in residential, commercial and industrial door applications.  We can provide either a secondary retro-fit solution or a new primary Acoustic door depending on the application and noise reduction required.

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Barrierboard cross-sectionSoundproofing your wall will reduce the sound produced on one side transmitting through to the other side by 60-90% depending on your wall construction. Our products suit existing walls and new wall constructions.

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Flooring soundproofing cross-sectionOur superior soundproofing floor products will reduce impact noise from overhead footsteps. Depending on your final floor material, some products can also reduce airborne noise between levels.  Our products are suitable for all residential and commercial applications.

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Soundproof insulation for pipesOur soundproof pipe products are commonly used in those difficult but common noise areas such as floor wastes and toilets. Our flexible material reduces noise by absorbing and blocking unwanted sounds.

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Soundproof ceiling in progressSound transmission through ceilings is a common problem today in both residential and commercial premises. We offer a wide variety of products and installation methods to block airborne and impact noise transmission through ceilings.

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Our soundproof enclosures provide high level noise reduction and can be applied to

Loaded Polymer Barriervarious applications such as plant rooms and turbines. The sound proof enclosures can comprise both barrier and absorption materials depending on the sound reduction requirement.

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Sound Absorbers

Coloured sound absorber wall panelsOur sound absorbing products will reduce echo / reverberation within a space. Noise reverberation is a major concern today in many commercial and domestic buildings such as restaurants, gyms, call centres, class rooms, home theatres & community halls.  

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Soundproof Insulation

Soundproof insulationInsulation can play a critical role in noise reduction, reverberation and thermal control in both domestic and commercial applications. We provide solutions to suit all of these requirements that will stand the test of time.

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Double Glazing Specialist

Installing a secondary retro-fit acoustic window or door will provide significant noise reduction to your home, office or commercial application. Traditional double glazing, or refitting thicker glass, will not give you the same level of noise reduction as a secondary system.  Science explains why - it is all about the air gap! Without an air gap, optimally 100mm overall, noise cannot effectively be broken down and reduced.  

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Wall Soundproofing

Barrierboard is a revolutionary new material to substantially reduce noise - without breaking the bank. Barrierboard can reduce noise levels by as much as 75 per cent depending on its application. This amazing soundproofing product, is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial sites.

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Sound Absorbers

Noise reverberation is a concern in many of today's modern restaurants, gymnasiums, open plan offices and homes, sound studios, outside patios etc. where hard surfaces often prevail.

Methods of reducing this intrusive noise can be as simple as adding acoustic-absorbent panels or foam tiles to the walls and/or ceilings.

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Acoustic Consulting

A SoundBlock® Acoustic Consultant can perform tests to help you assess the pathway of noise as well as the noise level. We can recommend a SoundBlock® Solution that will best resolve your noise problem.

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