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Customer Testimonials

Impact Noise from upstairs apartment

Problem: Impact noise from walking and furniture and airborne voice noise from unit above

Solution: Installed Barrierboard and Absorb HD using isolation mounts over existing ceiling

"It’s all positive so far thanks – I have only been back in the unit for 2 days/nights but so far:
– I no longer hear footsteps from the apartment above, and the sound of furniture (chairs) being moved across the floor has reduced dramatically. I had heard the odd bump – but that’s just the actual upstairs neighbours and I don’t think anything would reduce that - other than moving into a house…."
Scott, Rosehill

Road Noise 

Problem: Road noise increased after replacing an old window with a new window

Solution: Installed Secondary Soundout aluminium sliding acoustic window

"Luka has just finished installing and the result is incredible. We couldn't be happier! It is 50% or more quieter, much more than we thought possible. It also looks great and Luka was fantastic. 
Thanks for everything"
Sam, Fairlight

Road Noise 

Problem: Traffic and garbage collection noise

Solution: Installed Secondary Soundout aluminium sliding acoustic window

"Last Friday we had “Soundblock” windows installed in our unit by Luca. We were extremely happy with the installation process and even happier with the finished product. The reduction in noise is amazing. This morning, garbage collection day, the noise of the garbage truck didn’t even wake me. And now we watch the traffic pass more than hear it. We would have no hesitation in recommending your product and installation team to anybody requiring noise reduction in their home.
We’ll be interested in the possible improvement in insulation during the cooler months."
Ross, Allawah

Restaurant acoustics 

Problem: Reverberant sound levels in restaurant disturbing patrons and waitstaff 

Solution: Installed Planobevel Sound Absorbing Tiles on the ceiling

"The acoustics in our brand new restaurant constructed in Tamworth were quite poor due to a lot of hard flat surfaces. Customers had complained that it was very difficult to hear their conversation around a table and our wait staff also had difficulty hearing customer orders. Soundblock Solutions provided not only the acoustic tiles, but also advice on quantity and fitment location, and were most helpful with assisting all the way through the installation process including follow up contact afterward to ensure that we were satisfied with the outcome. The results have been fantastic, all the reverberation and echo in the restaurant is gone, and we have received positive comments from both customers and wait staff on the improvement.
Many thanks to Soundblock Solutions for their support and assistance in resolving this issue with us."
Carmen's, a little taste of Italy Tamworth

Inner City Apartment 

Problem: Bar noise/ External street noise

Solution: Installed Secondary aluminium Soundout acoustic windows

"Thank you Millie. Yes, it is fantastic and certainly worth the money. Noise has been reduced dramatically. I'm not noticing the bar across the street anymore."

Sean, CBD Sydney

Inner City Apartment 

Problem: Street noise/ Traffic noise

Solution: Installed Secondary aluminium Soundout acoustic windows

"The doors were installed today and we are very happy with the result. The guys that did the installation were outstanding."

Ben, Pyrmont

Private Home

Problem: Traffic noise

Solution: Installed Secondary aluminium Soundout acoustic windows

"Yes, I am happy with the work done.  Yes, the sound reduction is what I expected. What actually surprised me - the temperature dropped in both bedrooms!

Also, the service was great - windows delivery, installations etc - everything as agreed and Thierry’s job quality is awesome.   Thank you guys, and looking forward to use your service in the near future!

Serge, Macquarie Park

Home Music Studio

Problem: Absorption to reduce noise and improve sound quality

Solution: Installed Planobevel Tiles

"We simply want to say thank you to Soundblock Solutions for such and amazing product. We searched for a long time looking for what would be best to use for our home music studio and we weren’t really content with a lot of products out there. Then we came across your website and after talking to Sam he recommended the  Planobevel Acoustic Tiles.  After watching the short video on your website, we just had to try them.

What a brilliant product….! It has totally made a huge difference in the room and we will be recommending Soundblock Solutions to everyone we know.

Thank you again and we will never look elsewhere from now on."

Raymond, Steven and Nathan, ‘S3’ aka Saba Brothers

Private Residence

Problem: Noise between neighbours sharing common attic wall

Solution: Installed Barrierboard Secondary Wall System

"The neighbour and I just tried yelling at each other through the walls - can’t hear a thing!

Thank you so much."

Felicity, NSW


Problem: Machinery Noise

Solution: Installed NuWave Noise Barrier Curtain

"Curtains are up and they work a treat.

Thanks for your help."

Michael, NSW

Private Residence

Problem: Traffic and Road Works

Solution: Installed Soundout Acoustic Secondary Sliding Windows to reduce the noise

"After years of contemplation on doing something about my noise issues (being on a main road) I finally got around to getting a quote about double glazing retro fit window options. I tried another company first who had a magnetic option and found them impersonal, lacked information and pushy.
I then waited yet another year before getting more quotes for a solution.

I came across Soundblock on the web and found their website very professional. I was given a selection of options, could put in the measurements I needed online and got an estimate within 24 hours. The quote was very reasonable. (Not to mention cheaper than the magnetic option I was given by the other company). I contacted them to get a measure and quote to confirm the cost which was also professional with an abundance of information and advice. I felt confident to carry out the work. I had continual contact with them during the production and delivery was on the estimated date. Delivery and installation went without any issue, was very efficient and yet again professional.
I received a call later that day from head office to check on installation and I reported back a very happy customer.

The only negative thing is..... I should've done it years ago!
I recommend it to everyone who wants a little peace and quiet with added peace of mind! Great work Soundblock!"

Vanessa, NSW

Private Residence

Problem: Traffic Noise and Thermal control

Solution: Installed Soundout Acoustic Secondary Sliding windows to reduce the noise

"I was a little skeptical about sound proof windows, but the reviews made me go ahead with the purchase. Well I can say I’m OVER THE MOON, not only does it block most of the annoying Cars – Trucks and many other things. It blocks the heat from entering, we have the hottest room in the house ( not any more ).  So I’m impressed with your amazing product and I felt I needed to add a review to your site, because most people are a little skeptical at first.

No need to be.

And the customer service was very satisfying (staff – Milli and Claudette front desk ) and the installers were very obliging and professional.

Thanks Team Great effort"

Christine, Claremont Meadows

Restaurant - Red Lantern Restaurant

Problem: Noisy Restaurant

Solution: Installed Planobevel Acoustic panels

"Our noise panels are so effective and unobtrusive, they look like part of the décor."

Pauline Nguyen, Red Lantern Restaurant

Red Lantern Restaurant Logo

Modern Residence

Problem: Traffic Noise

Solution: Installed Soundout Acoustic Secondary Sliding Doors to reduce the noise

"I just wanted to write in as I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done to solve the traffic noise challenges in my unit. I must say from day one you and your team have been nothing but extremely professional and highly efficient. From communicating clearly and addressing my concerns every step of the way, through to your amazingly friendly and competent installer, it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Soundblock. Having dealt with many trades people in Australia, I can confidently say that you and your team blow the competition out of the water. You stick to your promises, meet your deadlines, exceed expectations when it comes to quotes, and complete the work on time in a highly skilled manner. There are few, if any, other outfits that can claim the same. I am happy to report you have remove almost all the traffic noise from my unit and I now sleep like a baby."

Steven, Neutral Bay

Private Residence

Problem: Aircraft & General Noise

Solution: Installed Soundout Acoustic Secondary Windows to reduce the noise

"I would like thank soundblock solutions for their work on my two windows. There has been a substantial reduction in aircraft and general noise. The work that was done was very professional and with great competency. I would recommend Soundblock solutions to anyone with a noise problem."


Victorian Semi

Problem: Traffic Noise

Solution: Installed Secondary SoundBlock® Acrylic magnetic window to reduce the noise from an adjacent main road

"My new house is quite close to a busy street in Alexandria and noise from the street was keeping me awake so I needed to somehow soundproof the bedroom window. I looked into installing a new double glazed window and after being quoted a couple of times for a new window I found Soundblock on the net. Their quote was about half that of a new window. The advantage of using Soundblock was that I could retain the existing window which is a double hung sash window which really suits the Victorian semi. The installers were professional, efficient and friendly. Noise has been cut by about 80% which was what I was told to expect. Ahhhh, sleep at last. Very happy."

Mr O'Toole

Top Floor Apartment

Problem: Noise from Adjoining Plant Room

Solution: Installed 30m-wide free-standing wall Tontine polyester insulation and 3 layers of 13mm plasterboard.

Prominent Sydney-based property developer Mr Warren Johns called Soundblock® Solutions to reduce excessive noise levels in the master bedroom and hallway of his luxury apartment at Sydney’s Circular Quay. The noise was being caused by an adjoining plant room housing a large air conditioning unit.

"We couldn’t sleep at night with the loud noise and vibration. We were very pleased with the end result. The noise has been cut completely. I can certainly recommend Soundblock®."

Mr Warren Johns

Busy Restaurant

Problem: Noise reverberation inside the main dining room and terrace area

Solution: Melamine acoustic white foam panels on the ceiling of the restaurant and terrace to absorb the noise

Noise reverberation inside the main dining room and terrace area of the popular Maître Karl Café & Bistro at High Street, Willoughby in northern Sydney. Proprietor Mr Karl Geissler approached Soundblock® Solutions to reduce the acute noise levels inside the busy 100-seat eatery.

"We had to find a way to reduce the noise levels inside the restaurant. Soundblock® provided the ideal solution. The noise has been reduced significantly. I would certainly recommend their work.”

Mr Geissler

High Rise Apt Block

Problem: (Opposite busy highway and railway line) - Excessive noise inside apartment

Solution: Installed Secondary acoustic window system & three secondary acoustic sliding aluminium doors to effectively block out the noise.

Excessive noise inside a three-bedroom apartment in northern Sydney caused by external traffic and nearby train station. Bank executive Mr Daraius Bilimoria of Milson’s Point asked Soundblock® Solutions to find a way to reduce the noise levels in the apartment.

"The apartment is located above a busy road with heavy traffic most of the day. We are also close to the railway station which adds to the noise. We were concerned about the problem and asked Soundblock® Solutions for a quote. We were very happy with the friendly service we received. The noise has been reduced by about 60 to 70 per cent."

Mr Bilimoria

Music School

Problem: Required soundproofing between rooms so that there is no distracting noise from other instruments.

Solution: Built adjoining soundproof rooms using Barrierboard and acoustic doors.

"Soundblock® Solutions recently completed construction of my music school in suburban Sydney. Not only is Sam Fletcher courteous and punctual – two invaluable qualities when there’s building work to be done – but he listens and understands. The music school required soundproofing between rooms so that there is no distracting noise from other instruments. Barrierboard is an extremely good insulating material and combined with good quality doors with all-round seals, has provided effective, sound deadening partitioning. The work has been done to a high standard and was completed at exactly the time quoted – to meet my deadline. Last week an acoustic consultant attended the music school and found that there was negligible sound between rooms. I am very pleased with the construction provided by Soundblock® Solutions and would be happy to speak to any prospective customers and would welcome anyone who would like to come and inspect the application of the materials used."

Margot Brown

Music Studio

Problem: Required soundproofing between rooms

Solution: Installed Barrierboard and an acoustic door.

"We ran a class in both the front and back rooms last night. We had a new teacher and when I asked her how the noise from the back room was she didn't even know we had a class on out there. Thanks for the solution! The wall is so well finished you can't even tell that it is new."

Keith, Oxygen Studio, Coogee

Private Residence

Problem: Unwanted noise from neighbouring properties

Solution: Installed Soundblock® magnetic window panels and Barrierboard to the walls

"I would like to send you a little note of thanks for the tremendous work you have done in soundproofing two of my bedrooms at 54 Yurong Street. Firstly, your inspection and quote were professionally done and the price was very competitive. The installation of the sound proofing was exactly as you defined it and it has already proven to be totally effective in limiting the noise from the adjoining terrace. The double glazing of the window closest to the neighbour's house has also proven very effective and it is really simple to use and effective. I particularly like the ability for the sound proofing panel to be removed easily to allow full access to the normal window. Finally, your crew did a great job in completing the repainting of the two bedrooms involved in the sound proofing. The two coats were very effective and the rooms are now really bright and fresh. I must make a point of thanking you for a very professional job that was really well done. I would have no problem recommending your company to others who have similar problems with unwanted sound from neighbouring properties. Thank you also for your close management of our job. It was very reassuring to have someone taking a proper management role in ensuring the job was completed satisfactorily"

Maurice Logan

Private Residence

Problem: Unwanted noise from neighbouring properties

Solution: Installed soundproof panels to windows

"I am writing to thank you for the fantastic job you completed on the sound proofing of the windows of my unit. Your recommendation for the best solution has turned out perfectly and I really appreciated your prompt, efficient and honest service. I was truly amazed that I did not have to do any clean up after you left. I will be recommending your company to any of my friends or collegues or anyone with noise disturbance."

Alexandra Collins

Apartment Ceiling

Problem: Audible walking steps to ceiling from the neighbours kitchen floor which was directly above bedroom

Solution: Installed tontine Insulation to the ceiling which included double gyprock

"This is to confirm that I have installed a false ceiling by Soundblock® Solutions to my Unit at Edgecliff. Previous to the insulation treatment I was experiencing walking steps to my ceiling from the neighbours kitchen floor which was directly above my bedroom. Since Soundblock® Solutions installe Tontine Insulation of the ceiling which included double gyprock (a type of insulation in between the gyprock) etc. I have been extremely happy with the result. The workmen (Carlos, etc) were very professional and the job looks good. I would recommend to anyone in the same position to do likewise."

Ian Harris

Private Apartments

Problem: Traffic noise from busy road and disturbance by people on street

Solution: Installed Soundblock® windows

"As new first home owners who had spent more than the budget on renovation, we were understandably cautious when it came to expenditure of extra funds on noise solutions for the bedroom. If we had known what a difference it would make, we would have done it months earlier without hesitation! We were just not sure that we would get the results we expected, but we honestly haven’t looked back… Moving into an apartment on busy Edgecliff Road meant that often we couldn’t sleep through the night because of traffic noise or were woken early on weekends by people conversing on the footpath. Our 50 year old windows didn’t provide much insulation or a barrier for noise.
Having installed the Soundblock® Solution window, we have found that the noise has been minimised as much as possible (without bricking in the entire window) and that the room is less dusty, warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Recently we accidentally left the Soundblock® internal window open during the night, while the external one was closed and had a very disturbed sleep. In the morning we discovered why the room was so cold and why we had been hearing the road once again all night. Sleep is a basic need and sleep deprivation is so unnecessary, when for a relatively small price, you can fix the problem. We would like to thank you for your professional, prompt, friendly service and happily recommend Soundblock® Solutions to anyone interested."

Carine and Yariv Rozen

Private Residence

Problem: Traffic noise from busy road and disturbance by people on street

Solution: Installed Soundblock® windows and doors

"My terrace at Balmain fronts a busy street with intrusive pedestrian and traffic noise coming in at all hours of the day and night. Soundblock® assessed how noise may be reduced and came up with a range of optons for me. I had sound limiting doors placed into the upstairs front bedroom which have provided significant relief and making the room usable again. I also had soundproofing windows placed into rear bedroom .
Sam and his team provided creative solutions and his construction team were most professional. The technology is very effective and I am really pleased with the outcome "

Warwick Nosworthy

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