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Sound Absorbers

Noise reduction in residential homes, commercial spaces (such as restaurants, gyms, open plan offices, recording studios), industrial areas (such as factories using heavy machinery) and outdoor spaces (including courtyard restaurant bar and school and kindergarten playgrounds) can be achieved using sound absorbers.

We offer sound absorbers that are either acoustic-absorbent panels or foam tiles. Sound absorbers are easy to install onto hard surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

Our consultants can offer you a tailored noise solution for your noise problem using our range of sound absorbers that can reduce noise reverberation occurring within the space.

Below is a list of the sound absorbers that we may recommend to work in your situation.

Stratocell Whisper®

Stratocell Whisper® is a unique highly effective sound absorption closed cell polyethylene  Stratocell Whisperfoam. Used in bothoutdoor & indoor applications to reduce noise reverberation on road barriers and fences and in industrial applications such as heavy machinery &air-conditioning units.

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Fabric Covered Wall Panels

Our fabric covered wall panels absorb, direct and reflect reverberant sounds
as well as add an attractive finish to your room’s interior.

Fabric covered panels in office

Sound Absorber Fabrics

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Soundproof studioEchohush Profile panels are specially custom-painted combustion modified acoustic foam panels that reduce noise levels in high-energy spaces such as cafes and bars, and improve voice clarity in key communication rooms. The panels are 600 x 600 in size.

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Plano Bevel Acoustic Tiles

Plano Bevel Acoustic TilesThese melamine foam tiles are very effective at reducing reverberant noise within a room in particular on ceilings in a restaurant or office space. The foam tiles are group one fire rated so they can be used safely in all public places and are easy to install using paintable or multi-purpose silicone.

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Reapor soundproofingReapor is a recycled glass product and is ideally suited when direct and reflective sounds are a problem. Reapor is excellent for high fire safety areas, tunnels, vent shafts and exits, machinery enclosures, schools, hospital, aged care and wet areas such as car washes.

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Sonex Grey Acoustic Foam

Sonex Grey Acoustic FoamSonex sound absorbing acoustic foam panels are ideal for absorbing sounds in numerous environments including home and professional recording studios, schools and laboratories.

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For a quotation contact us via our online quotation form or get in touch directly with Michael Turtledove, Sales Director.

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