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Soundproofing Garages

To successfully soundproof a garage you need to isolate the existing structure either by using resilient mounts or by creating a room within a room.

Inside of garage

You can do this with metal furring channels or timber studs and fill them with dense acoustic insulation and use a combination of soundboards and our Barrierboard to line both sides of the new frame.

If your garage is masonry the number of layers can be reduced, but with timber or clad garages internal walls significant density must be added. Ensure all gaps are sealed.

Our commercial soundproofing products provide you with all the information you’ll need to make informed soundproofing decisions for your garage. Our products can be simply supplied or supplied and installed depending on your needs and location. 

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What is Barrierboard?

Barrierboard comprises two layers of plasterboard with a polyester interlayer to structurally isolate one layer from the other. Sound passes through the outer layer, is dampened by the inner layer and is significantly reduced from passing to the next layer.

Barrierboard is compact and easy to install (about 50 per cent faster than conventional soundproofing systems). It can be used in conjunction with standard wall systems using a minimum of additional space to significantly reduce noise levels. Barrierboard is also effectively used on ceilings.

Read more about BarrierboardTM and its soundproofing capabilities.

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