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Double Glazing To Create Soundproof Windows

Reduce Noise By Double Glazing Your Existing Windows

  • Our double glazing solutions can significantly reduce noise as well as improving the thermal insulation within your home or office.
  • Our magnetic double glazed window product has been tested by a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) laboratory and has confirmed that when an existing window is retrofitted with the appropriate Soundblock┬« configuration, its sound attenuation performance will be dramatically improved.

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Retrofit Double Glazing Window Installation

To successfully soundproof your windows you will need to have a sufficient distance between your primary window and the edge of your internal window reveal. Ideally this gap is 100mm, however sometimes smaller air gaps are still acceptable where customers can't extend the reveal or reposition shutters/window fittings forwards. This will allow an acoustic secondary window, either our Soundout Aluminium window or Soundblock Acrylic Magnetic window, to be installed to effectively to provide an overall window system rating of approximately Rw40-43db depending on your primary window type and condition.

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Benefits Of Soundproofing Your Windows

Noise Reduction

Most residential and work environments are affected by some sort of environmental noise. The extent of the noisy environment depends on the source of the noise, the distance from the noise and its frequency. Common noise sources include road traffic, construction, airports/planes and heavy or industrial/manufacturing machinery. Being surrounded by constant noise can affect your health and well-being and a noisy work environment can result in poor concentration levels which result in a loss in productivity.

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Temperature Control/Thermal Insulation

Traditional window glazing consists of a single sheet of glass within your window sash allowing heat and cold direct transfer. Soundblock Solutions Double Glazed Windows Systems establish an air filled gap break between the inside and outside of the window thermally insulating your building from the outside elements reducing energy costs.

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