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Soundproof Machinery

Noise reduction from machinery, plant rooms and air-conditioning units can be improved using custom-built sound proof noise control enclosures. Sound proof noise control enclosures provide high levels of noise reduction and can be adapted to most situations.

  • Sorberbarrier AGC to quieten machinery noise

    Sorberbarrier AGC to quieten machinery noise

  • Stratocell Whisper absorbs machine noise

    Stratocell Whisper absorbs machine noise

  • Acoustic louvres in metal

    Acoustic louvres in metal

  • Perforated acoustic metal enclosure

    Perforated acoustic metal enclosure

How to Soundproof Your Machinery

The amount of acoustic reduction required for machinery will vary depending on the machine and its environment.

To successfully soundproof machinery you need to add significant density and absorption materials to attenuate and block the noise source.

This may be achieved by the building of a simple enclosure lined with acoustic materials such as our engine insulation product or the erection of an enclosure using industrial sized solutions.  

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