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Soundproofing Home Theatres & Recording Studios

Soundblock Solutions can provide soundproofing solutions for professional recording studios to ensure they offer optimum acoustics.

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With today‚Äôs technology it is possible to set up advanced recording studios or theatres within your own home & we provide the soundproofing products to suit these unique environments. 

Our range of barrier solutions for walls and ceilings are ideal. Additionally we can provide a range of acoustic doors, from a simple solid core door with door seals to our heavy duty Studio Zone doors.

Our products can be purchased directly for you to install yourself or we can arrange supply and installation. 

Walls & Ceilings

Soundproofing the walls and ceilings of your home theater or recording studio has never been more affordable. We use Barrierboard, a revolutionary new material to substantially reduce noise. It is compact and easy to install (about 50 per cent faster than conventional soundproofing systems) and can be used in conjunction with standard wall systems using a minimum of additional space to significantly reduce noise levels.

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We provide a range of acoustic doors, from a Heavy duty Studio Zone model to a simple Solid Core door and Acoustic Seals. We offer solutions for timber doors, aluminum sliding doors, acoustic doors and seals.

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