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Q. How can Soundblock Solutions help me solve my noise problem?

A. Email us or phone us on 1300 881 120 at Soundblock Solutions and one of our consultants will assist you.

Please have available the rough measurements of the area that requires soundproofing, your window type (if applicable) and your noise issue. We will be able to provide you with an indicative cost. 

If you wish to proceed with installation we will come to your home or office to measure and confirm our quote.

Q. How long will it take from order until my windows / doors are installed?

A. Normally we can make your customised Soundblock Acrylic magnetic window and install it within 2 weeks.  The Soundout aluminium windows take approximately 4-5 weeks for manufacture and installation.

Questions and Answers relating to Soundproofing windows

Q. How effective are Soundblock windows / doors at reducing noise?

A. As the pioneers of Acrylic Magnetic windows, Soundblock Solutions know from experience as well as testing our system using N.A.T.A. certified acoustic facilities. Our Soundblock windows will block up to 75% of perceived noise, particularly within the mid to high frequency range. Should your noise problem be from traffic, which falls into the low frequency spectrum, we would recommend our Soundblock Aluminium windows (please see the Soundblock FAQ’s)

Q. What colours do they come in?

A. White, Primrose (light yellow) and Brown.

Q. Are Soundblock windows and doors expensive?

A. Soundblock Acoustic windows are guaranteed to reduce your noise problem. Cost is dependent upon the size of the window and as everyone’s budget is different, it may prove to be cost prohibitive. However, the noise reduction provided is truly excellent value for money.

Q. Can't I just add a film or thicker glass to my existing window to reduce noise?

A. No. The only way to effectively block noise is to create a gap between the primary and secondary windows to convert noise to heat. Without this gap you will achieve minimal, if any sound reduction.

Q. How are Soundblock Acoustic windows made?

A. Thick, durable acrylic is mounted onto a magnetic subframe that is built into the window reveal. As it has no visible seams, it is aesthetically neutral allowing the primary window features to be the focus.

Q. How will I open my windows for ventilation and cleaning?

A. All panels lift off for ease of opening and cleaning.

Q. What aluminium colours is available for the windows?

A. White, Primrose (light yellow) and Brown.

Q. Will the acrylic window be noticeable & unattractive compared with glass?

A. No, the Soundblock Acoustic windows are custom made to mirror your existing windows frames so at a glance you wouldn’t notice that a Soundblock® Acoustic window is installed. The clarity is like glass and our quality acrylic does not craze or yellow over time.

Q. Can I keep my existing blinds/curtains?

A. Yes. But in some instances we may need to extend your window reveal to accommodate this. As above we need a 100mm gap to achieve the sound reduction. We are happy to assist with removal and replacement of your blinds, curtains or shutters.

Q. Do I need strata approval?

A. As the Soundblock window is installed inside and will not alter the appearance of the building, strata approval has never been required.

Q. My home/office building is heritage listed, can I have Soundblock Acoustic windows fitted?

A. Yes, we have installed our windows in heritage listed buildings.

Q. Can you see the Soundblock Acoustic window?

A. The Soundblock Acoustic aluminium windows and doors are custom made to match your existing windows and doors. All framing will align directly inside the existing framing. This makes the Soundblock Acoustic window and door virtually invisible from the outside.

Q. How will they look from inside?

A. The Soundblock Acoustic aluminium window is positioned within existing reveals, aligns with existing framing and is powder coated in a colour to match the existing window or door colour. You will barely notice that you have a Soundblock Acoustic window installed.

Q. What are Soundblock Acoustic windows made of?

A. Thick laminated glass and powder coated aluminium frames. We believe these materials are more effective, durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing than Acrylic/PVC Magnetic systems.

Questions & Answers relating to Soundproofing walls

Q. Should I install the Barrierboard over my existing wall or take down the existing plasterboard first?

A. As the key to soundproofing is density, we would recommend you install a secondary wall on top of your existing wall.

Q. How effective is a Barrierboard?

A. If the existing wall is plasterboard you can expect to gain a 9db improvement, if it masonry then you can expect to gain a 5db improvement with Barrierboard alone.

Q. How will it join together?

A. Barrierboard is rebated as per traditional plasterboard sheets. All the finishing techniques are the same as traditional products

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