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Soundproofing Applications

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the process of developing acoustic treatments to suppress, reflect, diffuse or absorb sound waves either at the source using products such as baffling or insulation on automotive engines, pipes/ducting or machinery rooms, or at the destination using technologies such as double glazed windows and insulation to reduce unwanted external noise from road traffic, airports and other rooms within offices, apartments and other residential dwellings. 

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Soundproofing for Residential

Tiler laying tilesWe offer an extensive range of noise reduction products ideal for a variety of residential applications, creating a quieter home environment, reducing noise complaints & enhancing energy efficiency.

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Soundproofing for Restaurants

Soundproof colour wall panelsWe can help you create a more comfortable restaurant environment for your patrons by maximising your soundproofing and enhancing the acoustics in the dining area.

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Soundproofing for Hotels

ApartmentHotels can suffer from a variety of noise problems which can be disruptive to guests. Our soundproofing products can assist in blocking a range of noise through windows and doors and between rooms.

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Soundproofing for Commercial offices

Lady on phone using computerWe offer a complete range of office soundproofing products which can remedy acoustic problems quickly and easily and create a more comfortable office environment for your staff and clients.

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Soundproofing for Industrial

Soundproof machiner curtainWe offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help address industrial noise problems created by heavy plant and machinery and poor acoustics

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Soundproofing for Marine

Speed boatWe offer a range of products especially developed to reduce noise and address acoustic problems in wet or moist environments and make your boating experience more enjoyable.

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Soundproofing for Home Theatre & Recording Studio

Person playing guitarWe can provide the extensive soundproofing required for professional recording studios to make sure they offer optimum acoustics. Our commercial products provide you with all the information you’ll need to make informed soundproofing decisions for your studio or theatre.

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Soundproofing for Automotive

Man driving tractorFor noise reduction within cabs, cars, trucks or other vehicles we can provide both barrier materials and sound absorption products. Our commercial products provide you with all the information you'll need to make informed soundproofing decisions for your automotive requirements

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Soundproofing for Schools

Children on computers in classOur extensive range of products is designed to make school environments more pleasant for students and teachers. The added insulation also helps to reduce energy usage and costs. Our commercial products provide you with all the information you’ll need to make informed soundproofing decisions for your school.

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