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Soundproof Solution for walls and ceilings using Barrierboard

Barrierboard is a revolutionary new Australian made patented product comprising two layers of varying thicknesses of plasterboard separated by an acoustic insulation layer. Barrierboard standard tested systems offer Rw ratings of up to 62 and other systems with even higher Rw`s. Barrierboard is in full compliance with the May 2004 Building Code of Australia sound insulation provisions and will substantially reduce noise in domestic, commercial and industrial sites. Barrierboard systems offer the most cost effective way to meet or exceed the Building Code.

How Barrierboard reduces noise

The Australian-made patented composite plasterboard product called Barrierboard is designed to absorb and reduce perceived noise levels by as much as 90 per cent. Sound and noise passes through the first layer of plasterboard and is then greatly reduced by the decoupling insulating layer to minimise structural and airborne noise from passing to the final layer.

Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications

Barrierboard can be installed in your domestic, commercial and industrial sites in place of standard gyrock sheeting or other types of wall materials. It is a very dense sheet being 32mm thick and comes in two convenient sheet sizes; 2700x1200 and 2400x1200. Barrierboard is easy to install (about 50 per cent faster than conventional soundproofing systems). It can be used in conjunction with standard wall systems using a minimum of additional space to significantly reduce noise levels. Barrierboard can be fixed to any structurally sound wall or over any material eg plasterboard or masonry. Barrierboard is also effectively used on ceilings to isolate impact and airborne noise. It greatly reduces traffic, industrial and other commercial noises and is also great for isolating a home theatre, between bathrooms and bedrooms, separate but adjoining dwellings, garages, offices and factories.


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