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Double Glazed Windows – Thermal Insulation

Women reading book by fireplaceThere are many features of a building that can determine the consistency of temperature which assist in maintaining a comfortable environment whether in summer or winter. 

Windows can be a major contributor to the fluctuation of heat increase or decrease within a building. This can be due to a number of factors which can include glass thickness, frame structure and seal efficiency.

During winter when the sun is lower in the sky and the outside temperatures are cooler, double glazing permits the warmth to continue to flow through and warm up your building. It does this by allowing the transfer of heat to pass through the air in the double glaze system isolating the inside glass or acrylic from the outdoor elements. This prevents the ambient heat collected within your room from escaping and as a result warms your building while saving you money by reducing your energy costs.

In contrast, during the summer months when outside temperatures can soar to incredible highs. The installation of one of our Soundblock double glazed systems will insulate the inside of your building in the same way as it does in the cooler months but in reverse. The cooler air will be insulated from the extremities of the outside temperatures maintaining a more cost effective indoor temperature. The energy you will conserve in operating air-conditioning and fans will reduce your energy consumption and in time will outweigh the initial cost of installing a retrofitted double glazing window system.

Soundblock can assist you in maintaining a more thermally consistent temperature within your home or office providing you with a less hassle-free and comfortable environment. Our secondary window system creates a double glazed effect.  And of course the benefits extend to soundproofing your property resulting in significant external noise reduction. 

Hear for yourself how much quieter your lifestyle can be with Soundblock’s secondary window system:

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Soundblock Solutions provides the supply, service and installation of double glazed secondary soundproof windows in Sydney and can assist with locating a fabricator within other areas of Australia. Supply only is available Australia wide if requested.

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