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Retrofit Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windowOur retrofit double glazed soundproof windows can be custom manufactured to meet your specific size requirements. Double glazing can reduce noise transmission through your existing windows by a significant level and as well as providing a soundproof barrier from external noise can also provide your home or office with a thermal insulation barrier. This can help you keep your rooms at a stable temperature and assist in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Replacing your existing windows with traditional double glazed windows could be expensive and is not always an optimal solution. Soundblock Solutions can retrofit double glazing to your existing windows. The  double glazing installation process involves adding a secondary retrofitted  acoustic aluminium window or magnetic acrylic panel within the internal window sill to provide you with a cost effective means of soundproofing your residential home or office.

Soundblock®’s Magnetic Acrylic double glazing has been tested by a  NATA registered laboratory which has confirmed that when an existing window is retrofitted with the appropriate Soundblock® configuration, its sound attenuation performance will be dramatically improved.

Why Should I Double Glaze My Windows?

Windows are an important part of your home and most people don’t consider how much they much they can contribute to your overall health and well-being on a daily basis.

The following factors can influence your lifestyle and need to be considered when installing new windows or retrofitting existing windows with a quality double glazing system:

  • Happiness and contentment in your home or office (peace and quiet!)
  • Comfort levels of internal living and working
  • Energy use with respect to the natural lighting and thermal insulation
  • Aesthetics i.e. how well your windows match your building
  • The durability of your window fixtures
  • Noise reduction properties

The factors outlined above are important considerations when you’re researching solutions for soundproofing your home or office and the benefits of a quality double glazed windows should not be underestimated.

Hear for yourself how much quieter your lifestyle could be with Soundblock’s double glazed windows:

It is all about the air gap!

The optimal air gap for acoustic double glazing is 70-100mm from the existing window to the secondary retrofit window. Traditional window glazing consists of a single glass pane sealed into a window sash. Double glazing refers to an airtight glass or acrylic unit comprising 2 sheets of glass or acrylic separated by a nominated air gap between the two. It is this still air gap that creates the insulation break between the inside and outside of the window. The advantages of doing this are;

Soundproofing properties

Our living and working environments are becoming increasingly noisy with traffic noise and then there’s the irritating neighbours barking dogs. With one of Soundblock’s double glazing systems we can drastically reduce this noise.

Thermal properties

The air gap create by the double glazing in conjunction with magnetic acrylic windows (if chosen) will significantly reduce the cold and heat passing through your windows so your home or office will remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cost Savings of Double Glazing compared to Single Glazing

By retrofitting a three bedroom home with one of Soundblock’s double glazing window systems you could save on average about 25% on your heating and cooling costs and equates to around 700kg in CO 2 emissions. Double glazing window systems are not just beneficial for cold climates as air-conditioned homes and offices can also benefit by locking in the cool air inside.

You should consider the cost of retrofitting your existing single pane windows with one of Soundblock’s double glazing systems is a quality investment as it will save you money over time and most importantly improve the quality of your lifestyle long term by reducing unwanted and often continuous distractions and disruptions from external noise sources.

In the long run, a Soundblock double glazing window system will not only reduce your energy bills consistently but also add market value to your home. Double glazing is a versatile system, delivering a healthier environment to your building whether regardless of the size of the project.

More Double Glazing Information

Read more about our products and the specific benefits of our double glazing windows here:

Service Locations within Australia

Soundblock Solutions provides the supply, service and installation of double glazed secondary soundproof windows to the following capital cities within Australia:

  • Sydney (New South Wales)
  • Melbourne (Victoria)
  • Adelaide (South Australia)
  • Perth (Western Australia)

Supply only is available Australia wide.

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Double Glazing Specialist

Installing a secondary retro-fit acoustic window or door will provide significant noise reduction to your home, office or commercial application. Traditional double glazing, or refitting thicker glass, will not give you the same level of noise reduction as a secondary system.  Science explains why - it is all about the air gap! Without an air gap, optimally 100mm overall, noise cannot effectively be broken down and reduced.  

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Wall Soundproofing

Barrierboard is a revolutionary new material to substantially reduce noise - without breaking the bank. Barrierboard can reduce noise levels by as much as 75 per cent depending on its application. This amazing soundproofing product, is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial sites.

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Sound Absorbers

Noise reverberation is a concern in many of today's modern restaurants, gymnasiums, open plan offices and homes, sound studios, outside patios etc. where hard surfaces often prevail.

Methods of reducing this intrusive noise can be as simple as adding acoustic-absorbent panels or foam tiles to the walls and/or ceilings.

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Acoustic Consulting

A SoundBlock® Acoustic Consultant can perform tests to help you assess the pathway of noise as well as the noise level. We can recommend a SoundBlock® Solution that will best resolve your noise problem.

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